To Be Brown and Gay in LA:

Race and Sexuality in the Immigrant City

The mass shootings in Orlando marked one of the first times that gay men of color occupied the national spotlight. Although immigration, race, and LGBTQ rights have been headline issues during the past few decades, the experiences of these men have remained invisible to the American public. To Be Brown and Gay LA documents the struggles that gay men of color face in order to be seen, not just by the American public, but also by their immigrant families, ethnic communities, and the larger LGBTQ collective. Drawing on the life stories of Latino and Filipino gay men in Los Angeles, Dr. Ocampo chronicles the strategies that these men use to survive and thrive, despite facing homophobia and racism in their everyday lives. This book demonstrates that gay men of color, rather than being mere victims, are actively redefining what it means to be gay, what it means to be a man, and ultimately, what it means to be an American.