Asian Americans are #NotYourModelMinority


Asian Americans are not model minorities. They are not foreigners. The nineteen million Asian Americans living in the United States defy stereotypes. Asian Americans come from over 40 different countries and their histories in the Americas can be traced as far back as the 1700s, years before the founding of the United States itself. The mission of Asian American Studies is to elevate the voices and stories of this diverse population.


Dr. Ocampo is co-editor of two major collections in Asian American Studies: Contemporary Asian America (with Min Zhou) and Asian American Society (with Mary Yu Danico). These collections document the extensive contributions of Asian Americans in social justice movements, politics, education, culture, and media—all in an effort to battle the stereotypes that undermine their sense of belonging in this country.


“Outstanding…some of the most insightful work on Asian American Studies today.”

–Lane Ryo Hirabayashi, UCLA


“Contemporary Asian America is a superbly organized anthology…. Illuminating!”

–Xiaojian Zhou, University of California, Santa Barbara